Church History


According  to the records of 1869, Greater Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church was  initially founded as Freeman Baptist Church. In 1873, Rev. James Page,  "Father Page" as he was often called, became the first ordained Negro  Baptist Minister in Florida and named the church after his wife  Elizabeth Page. The church's name was changed to Elizabeth Page  Missionary Baptist Church. 

      Following Rev. James Page’s pastorate, the church selected Rev.  Leonard of Lloyd as their leader. After Rev. Leonard’s tenure, the Rev.  Benjamin Brown of Tallahassee pastored the church for 22 years. Under  his leadership, the church was rebuilt in 1900. The following pastors  have led  Elizabeth Page Missionary Baptist Church: Rev. F.K. Jones,  Tallahassee; Rev. A. Henry, Monticello; Rev. J.W. Kilpatrick,  Tallahassee; Rev. Basco Kilpatrick, Tallahassee; Rev. Josh Reed,  Tallahassee; Rev. Gilbert Hodge of Greenville; Rev. Homer Jackson,  Woodville; Rev. Bert Thompson, Lloyd; and Rev Nathaniel Washington of  Quincy, Florida.

      In April of 1966, Rev. Elijah Williams of Quincy was called to  pastor Elizabeth Page. In 1970 under Rev. Williams' leadership, the  church was renovated, renamed Greater Elizabeth Missionary Baptist  Church and in 1972 a dining complex was added.

      From 1989 – 1991, Rev. Sam Phillips, Tallahassee served as pastor.  From 1991 - 2010 Elder George Proctor Jr. served as pastor. Under Pastor  Proctor’s guidance, an additional worship service was implemented and a  Pastor's Aide Ministry, Trustee Board, Youth Choir, and a Junior Usher  Board were established.

      In 2000 under Rev. Proctor’s administration, Greater Elizabeth's  financial condition was enhanced and the church underwent its  most extensive renovations. Greater Elizabeth purchased four and a half  acres of land, added two private rooms in the foyer of the church, an  expanded porch, handicap ramp, pastor's study (which includes bath and  shower), baptismal pool, finance room, windows, choir chairs, pews,  piano, and a hallway in the rear of the church.   Rev. Proctor's  advanced vision led to technological updates which included an alarm  system, telephone and sound system, computer, copier, and fax machine.

      On March 20, 2011, Greater Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church  elected Elder Rodney Stewart as it's sixteenth pastor. Under Pastor  Stewart’s leadership Greater Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church has  evolved into a family oriented, Christ-based atmosphere which required a  major upgrade and expansion to the multi-purpose center, wireless  internet connectivity, a Facebook page, and a church website. 

      Even more importantly, the need for several ministries emerged which  included the Single’s Ministry, Men's Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry,  Women's Ministry, Technical Team Ministry, Pastor's Aide Ministry and  the Refuge Ministry.  These Ministries were added to broaden the  spiritual growth of the membership and the community as a whole.

      At that time, the Ministerial Staff consisted of Elder Charles  Reddick, but two other licensed ministers were added, Minister Willie  Gaines and Minister Kevin Arnold, to help lighten the increasingly  growing spiritual needs of the members. In 2014 Minister Gannon Williams  was added to the Ministerial Staff, Minister Vashon Ransom (2015),  Minister Vivian R. Howard in 2016 (ordained Elder Vivian Howard on July  2, 2018), Minister Elizabeth Green and Bishop Vincent Cooper (2017).  Today the Ministerial Staff consist of Bishop Vincent Cooper, Elder  Charles Reddick, Elder Vivian Howard, Minister Elizabeth Green.

      Behind every great pastor is a great pastor's wife and Greater  Elizabeth has been blessed to have had some very outstanding First  Ladies which include Mother Elizabeth Page, Mother Carrie Jones, Mother  Lula Jackson, Mother Carrie Thompson, Mother Hazel Washington, Mother  Nina Williams, Mother Silvia Phillips, Mother Betty Proctor and  currently, First Lady Tammie Stewart.

     Great leadership  requires great support and Greater Elizabeth's Deacons Ministry has  proven to be undeniably the greatest pillars of support. The first  deacons were: Deacon James Robinson, Deacon Billy Bell, Deacon Bristle  Bell, Deacon Willie Robinson and Deacon Clemon Campbell Sr. Later,  Deacon William Spencer and Deacon Clemon Campbell Jr. were ordained. On  the first Sunday in November 1924, Deacon Dennis Reddick Sr. was  ordained.  Later Deacon Charles Reddick, Jr., Deacon John Graham, Deacon  Frank Mosley, Deacon Washington Robinson, Deacon Peter Robinson, Deacon  Wylie Dassie and Deacon Eddie Jenkins were ordained. In 2001, Deacon  Mannix Hawkins and Deacon Clyde Brown, Jr. were ordained. In 2007,  Deacon Charlie Robinson was ordained.  In 2014, Deacon Carlester Fryson,  Deacon Michael Henry, and Deacon Willis McDaniel were ordained. In  2016, Deacon Grenville Hall, Deacon Simon Howard Jr., and Deacon  Spurgeon Green were ordained.

​      Currently, the following deacons are serving: Deacon Willis  McDaniel (Chairman), Deacon Spurgeon Green (Asst. Chairman), Deacon  Michael Henry (Asst. Chairman), Deacon Charlie Robinson,  Deacon James  Graham, Sr., Deacon Peter Robinson, Deacon Theodore Mack, Deacon Charles  Johnson, Deacon Carlester Fryson, Deacon Grenville Hall,  and Deacon  Simon Howard, Jr. Three Deacons were awarded the status of Deacon  Emeritus: Deacon Clyde Brown, Jr., Deacon Charles Reddick, Sr.  (Deceased), Deacon Chris Robinson (Deceased) and Deacon Eddie Jenkins  (Deceased).  

     No church should be without the loving,  caring, wisdom and strength of a God-led Mother's Ministry. The  following women have served on the Mother’s Board: Mother Carrie Jones,  Mother Elize Bell Lewis, Mother Alice Irvin, Mother Christine Mosley,  Mother Lessie Robinson, Mother Lettie Campbell, Mother Mary Jane  Robinson, Mother Jessie Lee Reddick, and Mother Carrie Thompson.

      In 2011 the following mothers were serving: Mother Rosa Robinson and  Mother Doris Hall. Through prayerful deliberation and selection Pastor  Stewart chose Mothers Julia Jenkins, Alice Fryson, Betty Jackson,  Oleather Mack, Jennifer Gaines, Airwinpha Johnson and First Lady Tammie  Stewart to establish the Mother's Ministry. There has also been the  establishment of a Deaconess Ministry whose members are Deaconesses Irma  Dassie, Oleather Mack, Angela Huggins, and Barbara Greene. In 2017  Mother Shirley Cooper was added to the Mother's Ministry. 

      The current Mother Ministry members are First Lady Tammie Stewart,  Mother Rosa Robinson, Mother Doris Hall, Mother Julia Jenkins, Mother  Oleather Mack, Mother Alice Fryson, Mother Betty Jackson, Mother  Airwinpha Johnson, Mother Mary Stewart, and Mother Shirley Cooper.

 Praise and thanks be unto our God for 149 years of history!